Monday, January 05, 2009

My Friend John

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One day, one of my friends came to my house. Already, many months he did not visit me, when we first still a student, a day after class is end he always went to my house. My friend was called John. When my mother meet John, she is very happy to meet with John, because he is considered as his son John own. While preparing a drink for John, my mother asked him about John and his family and many thing others. I also very happy because I can meet with my old friends.

John tells a lot about their lives now. He tells about how busy he was working, because he worked as an accountant who is very busy. How luckily he got the job. John also tells about his family who live outside the city, and his mother is very miss for our family. Hopefully in the near future we can meet with their families.

I was asking how John’s personal life, married or not, how many children, and where he lived today, and many other things. John appeared until now he is still single. He did not have a wife, because his jobs are now being busy at this in every time. In fact he'd like to get married as soon as possible but he has not found a suitable pair yet. I try to give advice to John, you may have a good idea to try to see a site on the internet. Online dating sites was very much on the internet, and we can see and choose a suitable site for us. And then maybe we can make dating with someone out there.

While telling stories, I try to turn on the personal computer and directly connected to the internet, and we began to search through the search engine. John and I finally began to busy to determine what the site might be suitable with the choice of John.

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