Sunday, February 13, 2011

Police Harassment In The Street

Sometimes if we drive in a road, we found that someting could happen like not what we thinking about and we need to take attention for this, because if we do not doing, then there could be trouble for us.

Like for example, police harassment in street, they can do whatever they like for us, but this could be one of many police that will doing this. They can not be judge people for doing something that will break the rule, but they should help people to do the right thing when they drive in the street.

Police harassment could be in somewhere in a street, and they can be act like we fool they, but the truth is we do not doing anything that break the rule or made mistake in a street. This is not what they thing and this should not happen again in next future.

But if someone get to be brave and send a report to police station and told about police harassment, I thing this will not happen again for any of people that drive in the street.

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