Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watching Video Online With Computer

Watching online video was interesting activity that we can do while we online on internet, for example watching free video on your computer but this should be for 18 + people or for adult people so if you have a children, better you do not watch this because this will not for them. Many website that offer free online video so we can watch the movie by online on our personal computer and if we want, we can download the movie to our hard disk and keep that video on there. We can search on internet using search engine to find movie that we want and watching the movie via online using internet connection.

Sometime we can share our video or movie that we record with our gagdet and upload the video or movie into website that allow us to save video into their hosting so our video will be watch by hundreds or even thousand people and sometime they can give like to our video, and they can download it if they like. The storage data from website like this was big than we can think because they allow their member to upload the video from small size until big size so we do not have to worried about the data storage.

The website have many video from many category so we can browse their category and select their video from their database. Their video was uploaded by their member, and we can trying to search what we want to see by free. This service was giving for people which do not want to pay anything to watch video or movie like this so they can watch by free. We can find many good video with good quality and we can download it into our personal computer and keep safe from the children.

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