Monday, August 28, 2006

Into Dust Poetry

into dust

breathless indeed
(speak to me
with unspoken words
longing glances -
forgotten gestures)

I guess you're not
used to it, accustomed to it,
familiar with it ...

two strangers collapse in
the desert, too late for
dessert (just in case i
misinterpret the motion)

the words fall forth
and i cannot stop them
again this time the line
is the same and it plays
over and over again - into
i must
trust my
heart over
my mind, i must
remember my dreams
or cease to sleep at
all anymore.

i too can hear myself
growing older.

time is short and yet
flowing under.

nonsense lines to
pass the time -
floetic's crime
is trying to be
controversial -
you shouldn't
try - you should
just fly, or maybe my
wording is wrong (
google handles the
translations for my

the spacing is off,
i presume you're
doctor living-
stoned who?
boo, boo!
or rather,
an extended beep -
are you ready for me -
can you hear me and my
unspoken thoughts (am i
caught, am i collapsed,
listening to british
hip-hop makes me what?

audio bullys
talk to me
explain to
me about love -
a love bout
round about
round 'n round
the sounds abound
and rebound against
the wall like one man
tennis - bounce, or rather

when will my alarm clock
finally ring? i try to
set it and yet it
just goes off
(gets off)
when it
wants to &
not necessarily
when i need it to -
do you, do you, do
you remember true?

love is a color,
a small smell, a
feeling, an emotion
if you will -
if you will is
the question,
isn't it?

time seperates
distance from
love so lonely
the longingly
last look at
laughter &
past dis-
asters -

keep on movin'
let the words
be the way, the
blur, the blue
word seems to be
just poetry from
some teenager and
yet it seems so much
more when you hear the
voice - mental masturbation -
words gushing forth - no
meaning or

i need to stop.

-k. paul mallasch


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