Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Celebrating in 28th Annual Dickens Festival

By Christmas this year, every city have many events that attract to enliven the Christmas celebrations. Like for example, in Texas, the McKinney. In every corner of the city have been decorated in such a way to attract visitors present. Furthermore in McKinney already have their own agenda of the annual event that McKinney Dickens festival.

Their own agenda, the program of McKinney Dickens festival will take place on 28.29, and 30 November 2008 later. And visitors who will attend the festival it is estimated will continue to grow. We will be packed into old fashioned, where visitors will be wearing cowboy era, and using the Victorian style complete with a horses vehicle. And other events such as conducting visits with Santa Claus, Christmas tree decorating and a variety of activities that can be followed by all age.

The visitors who come will be enjoy food and special music McKinney Dickens. For various purposes will be provided by the non-profit organization. Events will begin on November 28, after the event before the start there will be speeches from Mayor, and full-day event continues. Meanwhile, Santa Claus will be present to accompany the children who come to the festival. And children will also get the opportunity to write a letter to Santa Claus on the application their requests to Santa Claus. This will be the perfect moment for your holiday in McKinney Dickens festival.

During the month of December, the shops in downtown McKinney will stay open for extended hours so that customers have a chance to finish all of that holiday shopping in one place with over 100 boutiques, art galleries, bookstores, apparel, gifts and exquisite Antique Stores. Visitors can find unique and special gifts that they will not find anywhere else. This magical event is free to the public.

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