Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shoot That Enemy

Do you imagine a time we are involved in a tense battle? We must be vigilant that the enemy can be anywhere. In fact, not infrequently, the enemy could be behind us and shoot the weapons toward us. But the bullet in that weapon is not real, but the bullet will leave the colors used in our clothes. I bet, that will fascinate.

Yesterday, me and some friends visited the arena to play a soft air gun, which is in my city. Seeing the equipment with which we have prepared all form a small group where each of us already carry weapons.

By using a good strategy, we began to shoot the enemy, if a bullet hit the enemy in the shirt will be used as paintballs that will be seen clearly. Very tense one, my friend several times to avoid the missile attack.

Fortunately paintball gear that we do not take it too heavy so that we can freely attack the enemy, and finally left one person lived. We continue to shoot missile toward him until he finally hit shot in the stomach, and we become the winner LOL.

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