Monday, February 02, 2009

My Connection Internet

I like browsing the Internet. My activities on the internet not only browsing, but also to chat, send email with another friend, join the forum, the mailing list about the things that I like, and also online gaming. I subscribe to the Internet through Internet Service Provide in the city that I have. In one day, I can be online for about 5 to 7 hours, and I do online more if my Internet connection very well. But I often get problems with internet connection.

If the Internet connection is interrupted, all my activities also disrupted and this will result in my activities. I have frequently complain to the internet service provider, but the answer may have only about interference in the network. According to me, that is the reason that does not make sense. Because the internet service provider should be able to oversee the way Internet traffic.

Maybe if they can anticipate it, then customers will be satisfied and will not complain. Hopefully this will not only persist so that I can still continue their activities for the internet. Because all things that I do related to the internet, so I should always be connected to the internet.

I had experienced interference in the internet connection, that is when I'm playing the game. In the middle of fun playing it, suddenly my internet connection is lost immediately, when I'm playing slots, where the image is out there should be 3 out of the picture but there are only 2 images. 1 image does not come out again at all, I feel disappointed, because the 2 pictures are pictures of the same, so only need 1 image again to win the game.

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