Thursday, February 12, 2009

Visiting My Friend Office

One day, I came to my friend's office. He worked as a server admin in the Internet service provider in my city. I just want to talk with him about networking, and he tells a lot about that job. Many companies are doing and that he needs the cooperation with colleagues of the other. If the internet connection becomes slow, many customers that will complain. So my friend almost could not fall asleep or just to relax a little.

But now he is assisted by two people who will be ready to overcome the problem that is so my friend can be more targeted to the networking that to exit the country. With supported by two people, almost the last several months, the number of customers who complain are more reduced. And this makes my friend and two other people can take turns supervising the work of the server.

In fact, for equipment that must be prepared but not too much of a constraint is the price expensive. For internet service provider, its a must to buy some peripheral in store that provide Data Networking and Telecommunications, because they can choose the best peripheral that can use into their office.

Such as the type of equipment was found for security products, here we can see there are many that we have to select and adjust with the situation on the server. This will affect the internet connection that will connect to the customer so the customer will not later complain.

3COM ® perimeter firewalls also provide an important role to a server as a firewall that will connect the server that we have with the server that is outside so if they can connect with both there will not be any problems that arise.

A server that is both a computer unit that can work and can provide maximum performance for the good of an Internet service provider. As provided by xSeries Netfinity Servers, this server will be able to survive because it has been well proven by many people.

In addition, an Internet provider should have a service that is able to serve customers well. With the support by the existing facilities such as the Cisco 7905 for Telecommunications, the future operator will be able to work so that the maximum in customer complain of can be decreased.

In fact a lot of the equipment that must be prepared. And it makes me to learn more about networking. And this time I get a good lesson from my friend.

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suryaden February 12, 2009 at 3:30 AM  

i like that pictures, makes me laugh and wonder about that...

rozy February 12, 2009 at 1:33 PM  

ini review atau ngelatih posting bhs inggris hehhehe

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