Thursday, April 02, 2009

Contact Your Friend

Everybody who live in this planet, must have a friend, no matter who they are, what they are, and where they live, because we can not live without any other people. We need each other like we need ourselves, and this is a relationships between you and your friend. And maybe we are not realize that we have many people that want to be our friend, you need to look around you and take action about what people saying that you need a friend.

Maybe half of you have many of friends list, that you keep in your wallet, or your notes, or your address book, and that is important to you, because with that notes, you can contact your friend and then you can meet other friend that you want to see. But if you do not have address book, you should try to make ones so you do not confuse if you want to make a call. Or if you have your cellphone, you can save that list into your phonebook, then if you want to call, you just need to open your phonebook and then you can make a call.

Yes, friend is a matter important for us, because we can not live without anybody around us, imagine if you live in jungle without nobody out there, maybe you would feel empty, so finally you need a friend.

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