Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Talk About Swimwear

For vacations this time, I want to go to beach were located not far from my city. I go with my family and of course I ask my friend to join with us. Nothing special that we are prepare. Just want to enjoy vacations this year. After work many week, I think this is the best time to take a rest for while and gather with the whole family, and I hope this will give us more happy and fun to take this time.

I think, I would to like to ask my sister, whether he will bring swimwear or not? Because who knows, when we arrive at beach, she would like enjoy the water and maybe she wants to swim with other member of family. Perhaps this is a good idea to do that, and this time of summer will have many visitor in that beach and I do not want to lose opportunity to play water with my family and my friends.

And we are not forget to put sun protection to protect our skin from the sun, because we do not want if our skin will get burn. Fortunately, my sun protection still ready to use, so we do not have to worried about it, but for prepare, I need to buy one or two again because I have a big family that I invited into come to beach.

After all stuff is ready, we start to pack it and put in our car, and not forget to check again for that stuff. I ask my moms did she carry suntan lotion for her body? Because she have to put into her bag. And I do not want to go home again if her suntan lotion is left behind at home. I hope it will work as my plan before and I hope my family will enjoy this holiday and should get refresh again for their mind and their body.

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