Thursday, October 29, 2009

How To Explain Our Children About Sex Education

We already know that sex education is really important matter to our children, especially for our children that have grow up in their age. Sometime they got the wrong information about sex, and this is our duty as their parents to give the right explanation for them so they won’t take the wrong way.

Sometimes, our children read many information about sex toys in many magazine and that was not really for their consumption to read and we can not stop it right there. But, with soft and clear explanation for our children, I hope they will understand it about what sex education about is. We can answer their question if they want to know more and we can help them to identify the right and the wrong about sex in their life so they can learn the good thing about sex education.

If we have a magazine that giving a picture about vibrators, and accidentally our children see and read about that, then we can give explanation but not for the detail, just tell them what this think and that’s it. Many parents are confusing and too shy to give explanation about sex education for their children and in next day their children have much experience than the parents. This is really need big responsibility for every parent that has children that they will grow up soon.


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