Friday, June 15, 2012

Post In English Language

Become a blogger is a choice that we can choose for us that want to write something on internet, and there many platform we can use, like for example,,, or any else that allow us to write something. Like my blog which is Blog Ipanks, this blog using platform because in my opinion I have been familiar with Blogger and in the past I have more than 3 blog which host in, and beside that I feel menu in dashboard was easy to use, and we can use or add something in my blog. But I do not want to add more gagdet in my blog because I do not want my friend or visitor which come into my blog was feel heavy when they loading my blog.

First time I make blog, I do not know what I want to do with this blog, and I do not know how to use or how to try to write something in my blog, so I abandon this blog for so long, until in October 2008 I realize that became a Blogger was easy way to write something that I want, and without any limitations or any thing that will disturb every one unless we make a post that will make people or some one will become hurt for our post. This is one thing that I do not want to do, I just want to write something, I do not know if its good or bad, its just my finger that will do the job.

I am glad, until now, I can regularly update my blog, even my post was not good as the other blogger, and its just what I am thinking in my head, and my finger was directly write in my keyboard, and even I do not know what the point of my post xixixix so perhaps you become confuse when reading my post because I myself was confusing too. So, I appologize if my post was not good. Oh by the way, this time I make update in Blog Ipanks in English language not Indonesian language, I do not know why I do this. Like what I write before, my finger was writing itself and I do not even know what word that will be made so here it is, posting in English language.

I hope in next day, I will write in English language again, but I do not even know, let see in tomorrow. So, its the ending of my post, I think I'd better to offline because I am so tired today. I hope I can sleep well and get sweet dream. Thank you for you all. See you tomorrow and byeeee..

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